GCON4 iConnect

Beside the option available for end users, this profile incorporates the following options: 

  • Environments 

All environments PREV-PROD-ACPT based on customer requirement. iConnect establishes connection to the registered environment through this window. The client-specific connection is also managed from here.

  • Users 

Users can be created using the company information.

  •  My Company 

In this window we manage the information of our own company.

  • Identity Servers 

You can manage (create, enable, disable) the identity servers you use to connect

  • Transactions Logs 

Summarises the loading results. You will see the http method of each one:  

GET: call to API – used for retrieving data

PATCH: update

POST: inserts

PUT: insert/update

We can access through the work queues section per each task ID.

When error arises, we can find the http status codes that we can check directly in the API, for example:

200: OK

0: No run