GCON4 iConnect

How to generate templates

Connect to the ERPx environment, then go to APP -> Generate template. 

Select the Masterfile you want to work with from the dropdown list: 

In this example, we select the customer Masterfile: 

The window will display the customer main tab with the relation and contact information tab. These tabs contain the relevant fields related to customer, and you can select whether include them or not by ticking the “Include sheet” check box:

Besides the mandatory fields, you can also select additional fields that you need to insert/update data. 

You can also change the way you want to visualize the tabs: 

Once you are happy to the template structure you need to download, go to Generate: 

In the “Manage Work queues” you will find the result of the generated template that includes the following info: 

  • User: user from the company that executes the job 
  • Filename: name of the template 
  • Type: job type (generate-load) 
  • Status: job status (not started, started, finished) 
  • Environment: environment where the template was generated from 
  • Client: client where the template was generated from 
  • Creation: job date 
  • Start: job start date 
  • Finish: job finish date 
  • Actions: Details, Delete, Download Template